Next Step...Starting Point!

At Clear Creek Church of Christ, our mission in life is to connect people to God and to each other – not just a one-time decision, but an ongoing relationship that will glorify God, transform you into the person that you were always meant to be, and change the world!

We have established an opportunity for anyone who wants to become part of the Clear Creek family to receive information about our church and vision.  We call this “Starting Point!”  We want to make sure that all of our new family members begin their journey at Clear Creek at the same place, with the same opportunities. 

In these two sessions, we cover two main areas that allow all newcomers to make an informed decision as to whether or not Clear Creek is a good place for them and their families to serve God.

Session 1 covers the basic beliefs of Clear Creek Church of Christ.  We consider these things to be unchangeable biblical truths, and will be taught with consistency.  You will not leave this class without an understanding of our core doctrine and practices.

Session 2 is designed to help you understand how to get the most out of your experience as a Clear Creek family member.  We discuss Small Groups, spiritual gifts, introduce you to our church leadership, share the expectations you should have of the church family, and the expectations the family will have of you.

This opportunity is open to everyone who has an interest in, or questions about, becoming part of the Clear Creek family.  They do not have to be taken in any particular order.  If you have more questions about Starting Point contact our Discipleship Minister, Evan Aldridge, or visit the Starting Point kiosk in the lobby following Sunday morning worship services.

Won’t you join us and find out more about Clear Creek Church of Christ?

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