Stay at home Resources

Below are resources to help families spiritually and emotionally during social distancing.

1. RightNow Media: Access Right Now Media through our church website for more Bible study choices. Login if you already have an account or register to get a free login through Clear Creek.
2. First Things First: 3. Parent Cue: Managing Fear and Anxiety During a Health Pandemic
4. CDC: How to protect yourself 
5. Kids Church at Home:
6. Bible study guide for all ages:
7. Focus on the Family:
8. Discovery Bible Study (DBS) bookmark
9. Family Ideas:
  • Music Monday – Sing and dance together
  • Talk about it Tuesday – Take two minutes with each child or as a family to discuss their thoughts and feelings and hear their ideas of what they might like to do during this extra time at home, and pray.
  • Walk it out Wednesday – Walk outside, around the house, or in place.  Just get moving!
  • Thoughtful Thursday – Think of a school or bible class friend you can call, write a letter, or draw a picture for and do a kind deed for someone else is your household.
  • FaceTime Friday – Check on a neighbor, video call a long distance neighbor or friend, drop off treats to our community helpers at Fire stations, police departments, etc.
10. Spiritual Family Rhythms Ideas:
  • Incorporate bible study/devotionals together.  Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings are great times already built in from regular church attendance anyway, if you need a starting place.
  • Complete Discovery Bible Study together following materials provided; older kids/youth can lead too.
  • Play Christian music while doing school work or having playtime.
  • Watch a Christian film (
  • Do a Bible Verse hunt around the house and put in order once all words are found using post it notes or index cards.  Could also use for a Bible Verse hopscotch too.  Review Books of the Bible as well.  Search more ideas on Pinterest! 
  • Listen to family podcast (Let’s Parent on Purpose or of stories being read like Adventures in Odyssey).