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March 25: King For A Day: Stories from Palm Sunday

One week before Easter, Christians around the world celebrate Palm Sunday as they remember the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, which began what is now known as the Holy Week. Of course, the story of Palm Sunday is much bigger than a man riding a donkey through the gates of a city, and as we scratch just below the surface and explore some of the stories surrounding this moment, we'll discover how Jesus was sending a BIG message to the people of Jerusalem, and ultimately, the world.

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03-18-18 Leading People Dan Bouc

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What in the World is God Doing?
Leading People to Jesus|Part 3 
with Dan Bouchelle, Missions Resource Network


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KINGDOM Discipleship
Leading People to Jesus 

with Matt Moore, City Collective, Chattanooga


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B.A.D. Discipleship: Discipleship
Vision for Clear Creek. 

“Making Fully Devoted Followers Of Jesus.” 
Acts 2:35-42


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Stories from the Life of David: Building a Firewall, a story about David and Bathsheba.
Guest speaker, Scott McDowell, Lipscomb University  

02-18-18 sermon slide

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Stories from the Life of David: Leading So They'll Follow, a story about David and Abigail.
Guest speaker: Scott McDowell, Lipscomb University  

02-11-18 sermon use

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Stories from the Life of David:
Overcoming a Stalemate

Guest speaker: Scott McDowell, Lipscomb University  

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