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Feb. 3 - April 14: The Gospel of Mark

Starting on February 3, we will dive into the book of Mark.  Much like we did with our study of Colossians, everyone will be given a book to assist us on this journey.  We are asking that each of you find a small group community to study with and come alongside our church family as we use Discovery Bible Study to learn what Mark’s gospel is saying about God, people, how we can apply it to our lives, and who we can share Jesus with.


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Feb. 17: Jesus' Authority (Mark 1:14-34)
A fundamental question every person will answer is "Who will I allow to set my agenda?" Who gets to say what I do, how I do it, and when?  Shouldn’t whoever or whatever you grant that authority have your best interest in mind? These are the questions Mark raises in Mark 1:14-45.  Join us Sunday at 10:45am as we continue to walk with Jesus through the Gospel of Mark.  

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Feb. 10: The Tale of Two Kings
The history of the world can be described as the story of two kings, with two kingdoms, and two kinds of citizens. On one side is the eternal king who fights and dies for his citizens. On the other side are the usurper kings - petty rulers who tell their citizens to fight and die for them. This Sunday, Mark introduces our good King, Jesus, in Mark 1:1-13 as the king who returns to reclaim and restore the creation that he loves. 

02-03-2019  MARK AT 30000 FT

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Feb. 3: Mark at 30,000 Feet
Who is Jesus? That is the central question Mark presents in his account of Jesus’ life. Was he a wise teacher, crazy man, prophet, or something more? This Sunday, we begin our 30-week journey through the Gospel according to Mark with a 30,000 foot view of the Gospel. 


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Living the Prayer
To conclude our 4-week study of prayer; specifically the Lord’s Prayer. The purpose of studying the Lord’s Prayer is not to simply learn it, but to live it.  But how do you live a prayer? Learn to live the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6. 

Jan. 30: How to Pray When You
Don't Know What to Say

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The Greatest Gift
For many, prayer seems reserved for the hyper-holy Christians and not for us mere mortals. That is especially true when it comes to intercessory prayer - going to God in prayer for someone else. Yet, buried in Jesus’ model prayer is the radical truth that every one of us has the ability to change someone else’s eternity through prayer.  So, how do we pray for someone else? It’s easier than you may think. 

 Jan. 23: Understanding Unanswered Prayers
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What Happens When You Pray
Jan. 13 begins our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. It will be a dedicated season in which we seek God’s will and wisdom for our lives in the coming year. While we believe God hears us as we pray, but what happens when we pray? It turns out - a lot. More happens when we pray than many of us realize.

Jan. 16: Prayer Practices
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How to Pray
It’s 2019 and many of us are ready to hit the ground running to accomplish our goals. Just as every team listens to the coach before the game and every soldier receives marching orders before the battle, we need God to speak to us. That’s why we are dedicating the first month of this year to prayer - what it is and how to do it. Prayer is not the last resort; it’s our first response.

12-30-18 Mitchell Halstead

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As For Us 
After facing many years of challenging times in pursuit of the reward God had promised them, Joshua presented the people of Israel with a line-in-the-sand moment: to follow God, or go their own way. On the eve of a new year, we are confronted with the same question: As for us, whom will we follow?

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Part 4: IT’S TIME (Genesis 12:1-3; Luke 1:67-75) 
For centuries, God’s people waited for the Messiah - the one God would send to rescue them. But why did God take so long? Couldn’t He push up the timetable? What they couldn’t see was God’s behind-the-scenes coordination to prepare every detail for Jesus’ birth. Perhaps we, too, need to be reminded this Christmas that God is still working behind-the-scenes to coordinate Jesus’ return at the perfect time.

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